Friday, February 1, 2008

Why Learn How To Compost?

Before discussing how to compost I think we should talk about why composting is important. For those who haven't yet tried composting, it's a very rewarding pastime. Some organic matter - some manure, leaves, grass clippings or whatever else you have on hand - along with a little time and patience is all you need. The reasons for (and indeed the benefits of) composting are many. So here is a list of reasons why it's important to learn how to compost.

Organic Compost Is Great For The Garden

The most obvious reason for learning how to compost is that it's great for your garden. Compost is a great medium for growing plants. It retains water, it full of nutrients and helps to improve the structure of the soil.

Making Compost Is Good For The Environment

Another great reason for making compost is that it's a form of recycling. By putting all of your household fruit and vegetable scraps and garden waste into your compost bin, you're creating less garbage. Imagine cutting the amount of household waste you discard each week while at the same time creating a richer, more fertile environment for your plants to grow in. So cut the amount of needless landfill today.

Composting At Home Saves You Money!

Have I got your attention? By making your own compost, you can save money on fertilizers, chemical plant foods and other soil conditioners. This could be a compelling reason if you're a keen gardener and spend a small fortune on keeping your garden looking lush, green and healthy.

So if you're a gardener, want to help the environment and save money all at the same time, composting is definitely for you. Learn how to compost and achieve all this and more.